Full Name: Stacey Teresa Sleight

Stacey Teresa Sleight, 25, was born in Florida state and is currently living in Provo, Utah. From simple commissions to art shows, Stacey has found recognition among her peers, to the local community, and beyond. She has found art as an effective and powerful form of communication and strongly pushes for the narrative method through her personal work. To her, her greatest strength is her ability to mimic a plethora of various art styles while maintaining her own unique look in every illustration.

Stacey received her Bachelor's Degree of Fine Arts in Illustration at Brigham Young University. She has been featured in the Artist's Alley at Salt Lake Comic Con, Salt Lake Gaming Con, Anime Banzai, and FanX. Stacey continually aspires to use her artistic voice to enrich the art community.

She is also a lover of hot chocolate, comics, and animals in sweaters.